Physical Geology Lab
Part 3: Video Library
Zion National Park
Physical Geology Lab
     These videos will help you develop and understanding of the geologic processes on and inside the Earth.  They also should inspire you to appreciate the awesome beauty of our planet ... and a few of them are simply fun.
The Secret ... Planet Earth (3:05)
Mountains (10:50)
Bay Bridge Earthquake simulation (2:13)
Earthquake Rap (2:49)
Understanding Earthquakes (2:56)
Volcano ... Raging Planet (7:32)
The Lower Mantle (5:08)
The Upper Mantle (4:01)
Diamonds in the Mantle (4:25)
Giant Crystal Cave (3:46)
Underwater Caves (7:52)
Cave Formation (6:14)
Continental Drift (1:19)
Crustal Plates (2:44)
The Rock Cycle (4:09)
The Earth's Core (3:56)
Layers of the Earth (2:44)
How the Earth Was Formed (2:05)